Jeanne Moreau, Le tourbillon de la vie (from Jules et Jim)

“My objection to private education is simply put. It is not fair. And to say that nothing is fair is not an answer. Governments, even this one, exist to make the nation’s circumstances more fair, but no government, whatever its complexion, has dared to tackle private education.”
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Night of Zero Laughs III. An instant classic.

Finally got around to watching The Chris Gethard Show after coming across it via the Modern Comedian episode with him. I’m in love.

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Oh well, it was nice knowing you guys..


Oh well, it was nice knowing you guys..

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“The discovery does not dramatically change the general picture of human evolution, but it complicates it a bit, providing new evidence that there were many distinct, and largely isolated, human species existing simultaneously, and competing with one another in a harsh environment marked by advancing and retreating ice sheets.

The lead author of the new paper, paleoanthropologist Juan Luis Arsuaga of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, refers to this as “a Game of Thrones scenario.”

As he put it, there was no Middle Pleistocene kingdom ruling over everything, but rather many competing houses vying for the same land.”
Neanderthal ancestors found in Spanish cave | TribLIVE